Fertility & Maternity

Reflexology is a wonderful and beneficial complementary therapy to receive if you are trying to conceive or if you are pregnant.

If you are currently trying to conceive and feeling it's causing you stress, reflexology may be able to help you. In a typical session, I will go through a medical and lifestyle consultation form with you and then tailor a treatment specifically for you.

Reflexology is also a lovely treatment to receive throughout your maternity journey as it helps you stay relaxed and sleep better.

A previous study showed first-time mums who received 10 reflexology treatments prior to birth had average labour times of five to six hours. It was noted the group treated with reflexology needed far less pain relief during labour too. (G. Motha and J. McGrath – 1992 “The effects of reflexology on labour outcome”).

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Opening Hours

Tuesday & Thursday 10.30am-2.45pm

Wednesday 10.30am-5.00pm

Friday 6.00pm-7.00pm

I am committed to following and implementing the Secure Guidelines policies and procedures issued by AOR. These procedures are continually monitored and updated to reflect the Scottish Government Guidance. As this difficult situation continually evolves, I ensure you that strict health and safety guidance is implemented at all times and changes can be made at short notice. I will discuss these new procedures with you when you book your appointment.

Fees & Availability


60 minute treatment: £37

Fertility & Maternity Reflexology

60 minute treatment: £37

Facial Reflexology (Bergman Method)

45 minute - £37

Indian Head Massage (seated)

30 minute treatment: £27

Hopi Ear Candling with Facial Reflexology

60 minute treatment: £42

Zone Face Lift:

75 minute treatment: £55

Zone Face Lift with Holistic Facial:

90 minute treatment £65

Zone Face Lift 12 week Programme: £600

Please note, The Zone Face Lift Treatment Programme is contraindicated if you have had Botox or facial fillers within the last two months or facial surgery within the last three to six months. Results are varied and individual.

Preferred payment is by bank transfer.

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Terms & Conditions

I require 24hrs notice when cancelling an appointment. If you give less than the minimum 24hrs notice you will be charged a 50% cancellation fee. If you fail to attend your appointment and have not given 24hrs notice you will be charged a 50% cancellation fee.

When booking the 12-week programme, all treatments are booked and paid for in advance. The full programme price is equivalent to getting one-and-a-half treatments free. Once your treatments have been booked and paid for, you will be gifted Jade Gua Sha facial tool, along with guidance on specific Zone Face Lift techniques and aftercare advice specific to you, allowing you to achieve the maximum results from the Zone Face Lift treatment programme.